He Said He Looked Like a Demon

Officer Wilson said he looked like a demon.
A “demographic threat” to be silenced with live bullets,
An “aggressor” in America’s internal colony.
After all, the Newspaper of Record said he was “no angel.”

Imagine that. The face of a demon!
Did he look like Justice Taney?
“It is too clear for dispute,” he decreed
“That the enslaved African race were not intended
To be included, and formed no part of the people
Who framed and adopted this declaration.”

Or what about Hoover?
If so, when?
When he was instructing Dr. King to find a way to blow his brains out
Or ingest poison (whatever method he preferred)?
Was it when he directed the eyes of the State into our living rooms?
Anyone else notice it’s hard to find a picture of Hoover smiling?
An unhappy man for sure. But demonic?

How about Woodrow Wilson?
No, he was a devout Christian.
But he did send in the Marines rape Haiti.
Was the military carrying out an exorcism?
Pat Robertson did say the earthquake was punishment for devil worship.
The Haitians, FDR observed, are “little more than primitive savages.”

Did he look like Ronald Reagan?
Bush Sr.? Clinton? Bush Jr.? Obama?
Did he look like Rudy Giuliani?
Was he “tough on crime”?
Did he make sure all the other demons couldn’t imagine what it felt like not to be a demon?
When the plantations were replaced with prisons did he pretend he gave them heaven?
Did he consult Thomas Aquinas or St. Augustine before he delivered murder from the sky
And then profess how “haunted” he was by the carnage?
Did he incorporate God’s name in every speech only to humiliate him with his every deed?

Officer Wilson said he looked like a demon.
But how does a demon look?
Like an animal? A human? A hybrid creature?
Or is it supernatural without dimension?
Where does this demon’s hairline begin?
What atrocity stains its chin?

Did you look at the “entrepreneurs”?
The warlords?
The Titans of Industry?
The Masters of the Universe?

Look where you wish.
But please, look beyond the fires of Ferguson.


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