Why Uruguay is “Suspicious” and US is Shamelessly “Frustrated”

The subject:
Buzzflash http://truth-out.org/buzzflash/commentary/item/17970-james-bond-aficionado-obama-sends-us-navy-seals-to-uruguay-what-s-behind-the-story

EH: “…the Pentagon in fact sought approval to establish a military training center in the [Uruguayan] central town of Durazno… Apparently, the Pentagon’s offer gave rise to significant political disagreement within Uruguay with some factions of the armed forces agreeing with the proposal and other members of the top military brass rejecting collaboration… When Montevideo ultimately rejected the Pentagon’s proposal, the Obama administration reportedly grew irritated with the Mujica government. One U.S. diplomatic official based in Uruguay expressed “frustration” that Montevideo “maintains a suspicious attitude” toward Washington.” Yeah, you read that right. On being rejected approval to establish a military base, given decades of crimes U.S. has perpetrated in that region, U.S. became “frustrated” towards Uruguay’s “suspicious attitude”. One must really praise the level of shamelessness and hypocrisy in US diplomatic circles.

XB: Just to give a partial record of what may underlie Uruguayan “suspicion” of Washington, here are a few historical facts from Edward Herman’s 1982 study of US terrorism The Real Terror Network:

In 1976 the US government sponsored the Chilean secret service (DINA) as they carried out an international terror campaign called Operation Condor. This included the kidnapping and murder of two former Uruguayan Senators in Buenos Aires (Zelmar Michelini and Hector Gutierrez Ruiz). According to Herman “Michelini and Ruiz were tortured before being murdered,” and “Michelini’s daughter Margarita was also seized and ‘disappeared.'” Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s the US backed a series of National Security States throughout Latin America, one of which was Uruguay, where “everyone detained … regardless of age, sex, or crime [was] routinely tortured,” as defecting military officer Victor LaBorda Baffico stated.

Based on a diagram in Herman’s book there is evidence that the US engaged in the following forms of subversion in Uruguay between 1950 and 1980:

  •  “buying politicians and other officials (including military and security)”
  •  “buying media and media personnel”
  •  “buying labor leaders”
  •  “Black propaganda (lies and rumors dispensed without attribution)”
  •  “subsidizing youth, student, women’s organizations”

So it should be perfectly understandable why Uruguayans are “suspicious” of US military bases, all it takes is for the American political leadership to imagine how “suspicious” they would be of Uruguay if they sponsored a campaign of international terror headed by the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service which resulted in the kidnapping and murder of two US Senators in Mexico and then proceeded to engage in multiple forms of subversion to ensure America’s transformation into a military dictatorship. Admittedly, this would prove to be a difficult thought experiment for the well-“educated” but it doesn’t make the Obama administration’s “irritation” over Montevideo’s resistance any less absurd.


The Real Terror Network: Terrorism in Fact and Propaganda by Edward S. Herman


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