Letter to Board of Directors, Brennan Center for Justice


Dear Board of Directors,

We are deeply concerned about the role of American journalists in their reporting on Iran. Much of the reporting on Iran and current US policy against this nation is filled with fabrications and misinformation.

Similar to the reports that characterized American media in the days leading up to the war in Iraq, these current reports are instigating acts of war on the part of the US government. A notable case of this is a report featured on ABC news in which Diane Sawyer accused Iran of carrying out a “shadow war” against its enemies.

The above-mentioned report, along with several others, is a tremendous disservice to the American public and in the worst-case scenarios can lead to fatal results. More troubling than the uninformed nature of these reports is that they are clear violations of international law.

Article 6 of the Nuremberg Tribunals explicitly forbids acts by “leaders, organizers, instigators, and accomplices participating in the formulation or execution of war crimes or crimes against humanity.” In the many reports on the “nuclear threat” posed by Iran, this particular article has been violated. In fact, an informal panel of judges invoked this legal precedent in 2005 at the World Tribunal on Iraq.

Under such circumstances, we hold that these journalists must be urgently brought to trial for their daily moral mistakes. Not bringing them to court would not only be a sign of our indifference to advertisement-sponsored crimes but also a devaluation of these journalists themselves, for we would be implying that these are inherently immoral creatures who cannot do anything but be immoral. In order to resist the flow of misinformation, we urge the Brennan Center for Justice to take immediate legal action.

If we could be of any assistance, please let us know. You may email us at efahuq@gmail.com or call us at

Yours truly,

Efadul Huq                                                                 Xavier Best
Student, Civil Engineering Technology         Student, Mechanical Engineering Technology


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