To Rick Perry & Other Racists








Off in West Texas is
the governor’s camp where
hunters converge to play
with their guns. Out front a
rock sits next to the gate
displaying to all the
most monstrous word. The word
that rests on the lips of
the men who strung Claude Neal
from the lonely oak tree.
That Roosevelt and Churchill,
plausibly uttered when
he ordered to drown “Arabs”
in plumes of war gas. Nixon
and Rockefeller prize
the word too as the Attica
masses endured Yankee
bullets. “Was it led by
the Blacks . . .Yes, just the Blacks”
So there’s really no cause
for the nation to cry.
It was fine for children
to utter this word while
inferiors lowered
their justly raised heads, in
cinemas, parks, buses,
and trains where arrogant
men requested shoe shines.
Traced on that rock is our
barbarous past, vaguely
concealed in coats of white
The lynched, choked, shoe shiners
know that gallons of paint
could not soothe these scars.
As Christian governors
reload their rifles, aim
at all the subversive birds
with terrorist notions
like learning to fly.


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