5 Wakas


Black flesh on blue steel
Poison grapes on a thorny bush
Long dirt roads with red footprints
Coils of rope sleep in truck beds
Tears wet grass like morning dew


A severed snake
Sirens poison quiet streets
Baby girls grab cups of air
Gray pigeons drown in sewers
Stench of waste wafts on by


Trumpets rust in heavy rain
Coughs up black dust at the church
Papa threw a matchstick in the piano
Foreheads drip, hammers fall
“Bravo, Encore” children  scream


Clocks break on clear windshields
Workers scramble for mangled hands
Point to one, three,  seven now
Rubber tires on the prowl
Two round luminous eyes–split


Green bottle flips
Pungent liquid, swashes, steams
Bubbles explode on fragile shells
Manacles, pincers, open up
Swings at the fat man’s neck




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