A Poem to the Arab Republic of Egypt

Tonight in Egypt there’s a thriving sea
And unfettered joy has possessed the old square.
A vibrating mass of people and flags
Waving away long years of despair.

Now there’s a moment where “leaders” can speak
About freedom, justice, and Kingian dreams.
But Niccolo’s Prince is stunningly quiet
As our dictators tremble with crumbling regimes.   

The people of Egypt have ousted a tyrant
Who strangled the weak beyond Gazan borders.
O glory it seems that our Prince is disturbed
Without statues toppling, filmed by reporters.

Without gaudy banners and euphemized words
 How can Egyptians showoff their State’s clout?
Without craven clerics co-opting dissent
While sending our Shah to find his way out.

Without honored racists in white powdered wigs,
Sailing the Delaware to set them all “free”.
Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Adams
Disdained all the Negroes who wanted to read.

In Egypt today there’s a thriving sea
Without corporate sponsors to finance their ads.
Without campaign slogans erected on lies,
Absent the rhetoric, without piles of cash.

All that they have is children and men,
women, and workers battling for bread.
This sea is still thriving as young and old sing:
We are Egyptians: Hold up Your Head!


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